Monday, October 11, 2010

Book Gifts

Books are a good perk of being a new fiction writer. I know right away when someone is a reader because the conversation about my latest adventure immediately turns to what they are reading, which I like. Then they lend or unload. My office is crammed.

I've accumulated more books in a year from friends and acquaintances than in my entire life. I bookmark about two at a time. I'm a comprehensive reader but not a quick one. I've also become picky. If I don't get into a book by halfway (yes, I give the author the benefit), then I put it aside and start another. I'm alternating between classics, popular commercial fiction and my genre. (BTW, my genre is, right now, romance, but I'll post about that later).

A famous writer recently blogged that she doesn't read nearly enough, but once she described why, I forgave her. When you "make it," writers are in production mode. She is a monk when writing the draft manuscript. Two to three hours of sleep, writing every day, never showering, etc. Sounds like fun.

But I want to read. It expands me. I'll never complain about a book handed over. It's like a secret, and I'll honor it.

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  1. Paul Myers' latest is called "A Wizard, A True Star: Todd Rundgren in the Studio." It's a look at Todd's production career. One need not have technical studio knowledge -- or even be a huge Todd fan -- to find it rewarding. In-depth looks at the recording of legendary albums by New York Dolls, Meat Loaf, Badfinger, XTC, more. Coincidentally I've reviewed it ;-)


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