Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Friendly Perks of Writing

My fall break is over. I wrote. Progress was made. I'm beginning to near the end of my first draft manuscript. It feels momentous. I've been working on writing a novel since August 2009. Not long, according to some writers I've befriended in the process.

The folks I've met becoming a fiction writer (not simply a journalist) have been pretty cool. They laugh a lot and think big thoughts and offer gentle advice. It's true, writers need to stick together. A third of the equation that keeps me writing is the inspiration they provide; of course, the other parts are the creative outlet and a love of the written word.

I wasn't always a reader. I could be a better one. Becoming a better writer takes patience, practice and education. Learning to become a better reader? Not sure how to accomplish that goal. I read at a moderate pace. I have to say the words in my head often as I go. I give the author generous latitude. It generally pays off. And my life is enriched.

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