Monday, February 22, 2016

Give a Writer a Hug

Few career pursuits require as much external positive reinforcement as writing. The trek of a writer is often full of negativity, rejection, self-doubt, and road blocks. Your writing might be good, but the world might not want to read it. Can you imagine spending years on a project that few people read? The hurdles can weigh even the most buoyant, positive-thinking talent (just ask Elizabeth Gilbert, who attracts ire, for better or worse).

I don't believe in resolutions, but on the first day of 2016 many personal truisms poured out of me from somewhere. For any creative person, it's good to take out the list of Good Things to Remember, those ideas that supply hope when the world may strip us of it. 
We are dwarfed.

Here are a few I should pin up next to my keyboard:

  • Let your heart lead as much as your head.
  • Consider the opinions of others but don't always be swayed by them.
  • It's okay to go your own way.
  • You will forge a path that gives you what you need.
  • If you look inside, you will find the right answer.
  • Stay connected to stay strong.
  • People will help, if you ask.
  • Don't be afraid of the unknown. There will always be the unknown.
  • The mystery of life will be with you forever. Have faith in a positive outcome.
  • Do what you can do to make a difference and be at peace with yourself and the effort.
  • A little is better than none.
  • Plant seeds for the long seasons ahead.
  • You are confident and beautiful. You were always this way.
  • We will get lost; underneath, we still are who we are.
  • Take a measure of contentment in the core of who you are; it will never fail you if you access your true self.
  • Mistakes are just lessons learned along the way.
  • Fear is rarely productive.
  • Step back and assess. It's okay to recalibrate.
  • You'll know when it is right.
  • There are good things ahead as there were before.
  • You'll fight and struggle, but that is part of life.
  • See yourself for who you truly are: a shining beam of pure light.
  • In the greater scheme, you will live the destiny that was always yours.
  • Help others understand they, too, have a destiny.
  • Feeling good is easier and better than you think.
  • If you take risks to pursue a dream, know that the effort is the greatest gift you give yourself.
  • Understanding is always in shortest supply from within, not without.
  • This moment is yours to mold; the future is clay.
  • Love is the world's treasure; share it and it multiplies.
  • Gratitude grows your heart and the hearts of those in need. 
  • Maybe the well doesn't need to be filled; it is just a reminder that we are alive.
  • Kindly think of yourself and others, and the thoughts will manifest beauty.
  • The world is better off from small kindnesses.
  • Where you are now is not a measure of your goodness or worth; it is another step along your path.
Ask, and I'll tell you my top two.