Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Anti-Social Way to Run Your Blog

1. Never post. Strike that. Never post frequently.

2. Abandon your blog for long stretches of time without explanation. (See 1)

3. Forget the last time you posted.

4. Read other blogs but don't comment.

5. Hate other blogs because they get comments.

6. Restart your blog under another name thinking a fresh start will solve the problem.

7. Eat doughnuts over the keyboard.

8. Assume no one ever reads your blog.

9. Launch into an enumerated tirade.

10. Leave out the photo.

11. Hang onto the delusion that blogging will get your next novel finished. Or revised. Or published. Or read.

(Believe me, this list is proven. Oh, I'm supposed to ask you a question now. Satisfied?)


  1. Can I add some?

    Fill "page" after page with intellectual invective without understanding no one wants you to share that.

    Who would comment when it's clear that the author will aggressively destroy the commenter unless she's in agreement with the post?

    1. Me? Aggressive? I must have forgotten #8.

      We'll add "intellectual invective" as #12.

      Just trying to keep it real here, as always...

    2. sorry, but as a fellow blog-writer you should know that all my comments are self-referential and have nothing to do with you!

  2. Replies
    1. Smiles are encouraged. Grumpy blogger-blues are not. Hope your blog is treating you right.


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