Thursday, April 12, 2012

Even Poets Suffer Typos

Darn the needles, crack the peanuts,
I blame my lot on screwy syntax,
scary prospects for the untested,
a faux-et whom no one's invested.

So I can't spell or use a colon,
semi- awful full of run-ons.
Find a hat trick in my spell check.
Erase the offense with a quick click.

Lick a stamp and send it somewhere
where the editors laugh and slumber
atop piles of other verses
drooling o'er the novice's curses:

Did I send it with a typo!?
Damn the jitters and the pinot.

A complete joker, need a smoke now.
I don't smoke, just hand me choco-
covered raisins, nuts and pretzels
until I climb out of this hell hole.


  1. Thanks for adding me to your list :) I am in the Portland area now, but life has turned totally upside down as my husband and I randomly ended up buying a store here...Not quite what I had anticipated, nor is it giving me a moment to write, but I'm hoping to be back to normal again soon and would still be interested in connecting with you here in Portland. We've got a little card and gifts shop in SW Portland and I've actually met a few other writer/s artists here too. Exciting to build a network for sure :)

    1. Welcome back. Where's your store? I'm in the SE. Would be neat to meet. I must write a new post today!!

  2. Very Cool. It's at 5117 SW Macadam Ave and is called Holliday Card Shoppe. You should drop in some day and say hi :) Oh, and I enjoyed the blog meet up blog. Not sure I would be able to stand out with the fashionistas, but it sounds like fun. At least I finally managed a short update.


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