Monday, August 1, 2011

Seriousness Factor? Check.

Don't take my absence from posting as a lapse in seriousness. I take this blog not as a means to an end. Hell, it's not a means to anything. It is a diary, an open book one. Sure, I'm editing out the hardcore life. Can't spread it all out there, but I am serious about writing, and I am taking the steps I need to make publication happen. This blog doesn't happen to be one of the ways I believe will get me there in the end. So I come here and vent and jockey around a little for kicks.

I have been on hiatus because of two reasons: the big one, a cross country move. I am no longer avlwriter (Twitter), just jmfwriter. The m stands for May. I live in Portland, Ore., now. The second one, my book has been with an agent on an exclusvie basis for the last seven or so weeks, and I've been taking the off time to pack/move/unpack and bullet out some ideas for the next manuscript. And read. Another writing project I was working on is on ice.

But I have heard from the agent, and I will be making a third round of revisions and sending it back out for a second read. I continue to query. I've missed the writing. It's time to get back to it, throttle ahead.

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