Sunday, July 3, 2011

Blog? Tweet? How About ...

...streak. That's it. That would get me the most publicity. Lady Godiva into a few bookstores after my book is published and try the outlandish with the already idiotic game of reaching readers and building audience. This business of being a writer in the socially connected world makes me a bit edgy.

Frankly, I have to stay positive to appear professional. So, I wear that badge. But slay me for blogging about writing (very unoriginal, so I've read. Even my twitter handle @avlwriter, yawner) and find a subject to draw people into your marketing snare (here's my blog about fine wine, and by the way, buy my book).

Hey, if you read my book (once it is published), here I am. Ask me questions. Follow my virtual a**. Let's be tweeps. Whatever. Just let me write.

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