Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Perks? You Mean There are Perks?

Crazy stuff you get to do when you are are a writer:

1. Spend hours in a library or bookstore and call it research.*
2. Write page upon page of a story, then delete it and pronounce your day productive.*
3. Horde dictionaries.*
4. Be critical of other people's use of words ending in -ly.*
5. Laugh at the stupidity of free writing. Then free write some more.*
6. Discover other writers crazier than you are.*
7. Write about subjects you don't know a thing about, including God, whom you think is laughing at you.*
8. Blow off criticism.*
9. Be thankful for every criticism because you'll likely bend to it later.*
10. Drink three French presses before noon, then break into the beer since no one cares, and you're in your pajamas anyway.*

*my favorites

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