Wednesday, January 12, 2011


There's a reason merry-go-rounds are a relic of parks. They knock riders mercilessly. I'm feeling a little like that during book revisions. In fact, I'm calling it the humility phase. I've decided to ride this spinning toy, and the mess-ups are knocking me down a few notches.

A new board game we got for Christmas made me think of the merry-go-round. The graphics with the game show a retro playground, where tall, silver slides and merry-go-pukes are fixtures. Kids notice everything. "They don't have those anymore," and you nod your head in agreement, thinking Thank God.

I'm getting my dose of face-in-the-dirt humility from my readers. My head is whipped, and I try not to let the handrail whack me in the temple or get trapped under the whirling sphere. Once this case of nausea and terror passes, I'll get back on that bumpy platform and ride, sister, ride.

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  1. Hey Jennifer! Glad to know you have a blog! Thanks for dropping by and leaving questions for my Villain! They are tough ones, I'll work on the answers today.
    Revisions are a b*tch, huh? ;) But, once the bruises heal, you find a better story and it gets more exciting!
    Hope to see you soon!


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