Monday, January 24, 2011

The Secrets of a Book Collection

When you walk into a bookstore or library, and you wish you could know all the thoughts of what were in the books, and you think time never allows it, but oh, all those secrets. I want them. Used to be, you could open a pressurized can and the little puff releases and the treasure peels open and you consume it. I've finished reading a book and am looking for another pop. It seems I'm getting pickier because there's only so much time, and so many pops left and I gotta get to all the good ones with all the great secrets before my mind goes, which won't be for another 60 years, but I have to start paying attention now or I won't find the singing lines. What are you reading?


  1. This year, I decided to focus on a few authors and really dig into how they wrote 9as well as hopefully enjoy the books!) So, I'll be reading Jane Austin and T.A. Pratt books. T.A. Pratt writes urban fantasy and since that's my genre, and he/she? came highly recommended. But, so far, I haven't had time to get more than 2o pages in!
    Ah, such is life!
    Thank you for stopping by the writers Meet n' Greet...was good to know a few more things about you!

  2. Hi, Jennifer,

    It's good to meet you! I got here from Ashley's Meet and Greet project. I love the feel of your blog, but what I particularly appreciate is the love of writing so evident in your posts. I've read through your 2010 posts, and I'm looking forward to making my way back through 2010, especially the NaNo timeframe.

    As for what I'm reading, I read non-fiction. Exhaustively. However, as a creative writing teacher, my master's degree focused on fiction, especially historical fiction --- are you familiar with Sarah Dunant's work, especially her novel In The Company of The Courtesan, which takes place in 1600s Italy.

    Currently, I'm reading Ron Chernow's biography of George Washington --- a 900-page tome, but eminently readable. Chernow is quite the historical scholar, but his "voice on the page" shows a great capacity for telling a story. He's relaxed and humorous, but informative. He takes a larger-than-life figure from American history and portrays the real man behind the public figure. I'd highly recommend it.

    Good to meet you!


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