Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What I'm In This For

Writing a book is like making a quilt. I can back it up because I have, indeed, pieced a quilt. Not a very pretty one, and it was just one, but I pieced together a present for a cousin, and she still keeps it close.

I have another quilt in scraps crammed into a plastic, zippered bag on a dusty nook in my laundry room. I started the second about 10 years ago. I hate that it sits, occasionally mocking me. If I had a NaQuiMo, maybe it would be complete.

This trendy NaNoWriMo sucked me in, and shamelessly, I took bait. But skeptically. Today, Day 3, I see the value. I wanted to use this month to finish the draft manuscript of a book I started writing a year ago, and by gosh, I think it's gonna happen. Because I want to put in my 1600+ words every day and see that little blue bar on the NaNo graph slowly reach the goal line.

I'm stitching it together because there's a support group, a quilting bee of writers. Is it a little goofy? Sure. Am I on my way to fame and fortune? Hardly. Will I spend another year in revisions? You betcha. But I want the privilege of saying I wrote a book, published it, then wrote another. And another, and a few more after that.

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  1. Hi, Jenny--

    Quilting takes practice, but I'm sure you'll be good at it eventually. My wife was an actress for years, but decided to switch to fabric one day, and hasn't regretted it once. You can see her quilts at her website.

    Happy NaNoing,



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