Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Words for Free

Toying with this idea of giving away my book for free. It sounds completely stupid, but if it attracts readers, why not? I do this blog for free. I clean the damn bathroom for free. Why not post my book for free? That Cory Doc(what'shisname) is giving his writing away for free and advocating others to do the same. Yeah, I know, he's already making money at it, so he's allowed.

The whole publishing business is a depressing hole anyway. All I read about it makes me want to crawl in bed. I don't like feeling helpless. If I take complete control, I'll just post my work on my own *free* website (via weebly.com) and let the wind and viral media do what it does.

Or not. Okay, now back to the spit and polish.

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  1. PS-I have totally ditched the idea of giving away my work for free. Sorry, isn't gonna happen. This blog is about as free as it's gonna get. Want to read the books? Once they're published, you'll need a few bucks to pay for them.


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