Saturday, February 15, 2014

Black Book Intermission

Random Lines from My Black Book

I always have more to say than I should say.

First drafts are butt ugly.

Come to the table a whole package.

Take notes on EVERYTHING.

Writers write. Talkers talk.

Just keep asking the question.

Exist in the field of uncertainty.

The girl who looked like the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo smelled of smoke.

Make rational decisions.

Read out loud for best possible effect.


  1. Let us now praise glorious talkers; like the Navajo shaman painting on the sand, the talker hears beauty in the endless patterns and "colors" of his words and also knows that these are inscribed upon nothing.

    1. i've always thought writing to be an extension of talking. i'm talking in my head. after it's down, i can change it, but once written, there's permanence, too.

    2. only the illusion of permanence. The Spain of Don Quixote is no more and so Cervantes too is no more.

  2. "Make rational decisions"... hmm, that's a tricky one.

  3. Been catching up on your blog again.been out of pretty much everything the past four months, but will hopefully get back into it soon, and repudiate my book. Always good to,catch up with your writings. Glad you enjoyed my last photo tour on the blog. Always nice to get away like that :)

    1. your book is on my to-read list. but my list is long and i'm a slow reader. but it's there!


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