Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What I've Given Up to Write

The extras had to go.

Things I do much less frequently (sometimes not at all) to make time to write:

LESS: Balance my checkbook. Cook anything worthy of more than a C+. Bake. Weed. Dust. Vacuum/wash my car. Mop my bathrooms. Chase dust bunnies. Wash my dog. Volunteer at school (ouch, I know). Drink alcohol (ouch, I know). Facebook. Shop for groceries. Polish my toenails. Attend social events. Worry about whether I'm attending social events. Did I mention alcohol? Match socks. Wear socks. Sort socks. Read the newspaper. Watch TV. And, shower.

What I do more of that helps my writing:

MORE: Give in to the urge to write. Spend time with my family and dog. Run. Let other people cook and  praise their offerings. Read. Rummage for chocolate. Think about drinking alcohol. Love. Watch good movies. Write this blog. Read blogs. Tweet. Encourage others to write. Be satisfied I can't do it all.

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