Thursday, April 7, 2011

Why I Write...

... the same reason I get out of bed. I feel compelled. It's not an obsession (we'll revisit that). It's not an unnatural act. I write because it is a joy and feeds a yearning to discover. I feel both joy and discovery when I wake and when I write.

Fiction writing is very new to me. I never wrote a piece of fiction until August 2009, unless you count in 2nd grade when my parents went out on "date night," and I scribbled a story on loose-leaf titled "The Girl with Blue Fingernails." Awful. But I wish I still had it. What was I a really trying to say? (that's a joke)

I "discover" by pulling my imagination in sometimes obscure and always interesting directions from experiences still available in my brain. I'm more of a pantser (someone who writes by the seat of their pants) than a plotter, in that respect. I like to see what bubbles up. I plot but in a loose sort of way.

One of my favorite lines from a children's book, The Hello Goodbye Window, is delivered by a grandfather, who, upon the day's start, rises and declares: "Hello world. What have you got for me today!" That pretty much sums up my philosophy for waking and writing.

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