Saturday, April 16, 2011

Reading Moby Dick

A copy of Moby Dick is warming beneath my computer as I type. How does one begin an epic? I'm four pages in, and so far, I'm not intimidated. But frankly, I never wanted to read Moby Dick until recently.

I've started a new novel project, and it's not a romance. Far, far from it. Although it was a great experience to write my first MS (website), I've moved on to wider pastures. Green as before but much wider. More on the new project in a future post.

I am admittedly not well read. I read slower than average (likely) because I don't skimp. I want to understand the meaning of every passage and word. If I don't know a word, I look it up. If I don't understand a passage, I reread it until I do (am not 100% hard-headed). I generally don't write in margins of books, but I dog-ear. I like rereading the good parts. All that slows me down.

Moby Dick, obviously, brings up a lot of connotations. I'm ignoring the negative to read it with an open mind. Heck, the forward, etymology and extracts prior to Chapter 1 were enough to keep me interested as I launched into this endeavor. It'll take me a while. Settle in. Dickens next.

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