Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Between a Blank Page and a Hard Place

My blogging habits lately reflect my writing habits. Pathetic. Ideas have been slow to surface, and all my words seem a bit ... off. I've been thinking about where to find inspiration, and my web surfing on the subject of writing trends toward the inspirational, when I can find uplifting content. I generally bounce off snarky sites, and if you are a wannabe writer or professional, you know there's plenty of sarcasm online. Avoid it like the bird flu. It's foul and catching.

A recent thought wanting to surface for me is: write because there is no better place to live. Am I being deep? Not much. There are intangibles worth living for, I believe. Family. A warm sun. A satisfying meal. The support of a good friend. Time with quality people. Smiles. Have I degenerated to warm fuzzies? Maybe. But I'd add writing to my list of intangibles. Writing is a way of knowing and weaving through the struggle. Because life is struggle. Maybe not now, or before now, or your personal struggle, but it is an ongoing human experience. Our pain and those of others. I'm thankful I can use a computer and write down my thoughts, share them with you, and learn about myself in the process.

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