Friday, May 13, 2011

Writing, My Love

How do you read this post's title? Do you think of yourself as the one I'm addressing, that you are my love, and I'm making an intimate connection with you? Or do you read it that writing is my love? Or that I'm writing about my love, a person or possession? A piece of writing is such a personal message. Everyone takes something different away from the meaning of the words. You, the readers, develop a relationship with the story and the characters. Or you read a section with a nuance that was desired, and you get it, or you insert your own nuance unintentionally. My readers have provided interesting and good feedback on my work so far. I enjoy getting their perspectives. Sometimes, it makes me strengthen or change parts, but mostly, it makes me appreciate that they see the writing with unique meaningfulness.

What did I mean: Writing, My Love. If you've read this far and come back for more, then by all means ...

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